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A record-breaking SCALA International Conference 2011 in Amsterdam 26 December 2012

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SCALA, the world’s leading software platform for digital signage held their 11th annual conference in Amsterdam.  More than 150 delegates from 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa attended the event.
With its emphasis on SCALA Digital Signage Solutions, the conference has an unmatched reputation for bringing businesses together in this emerging market. The conference features case studies and project reviews by SCALA and its partners. 
Anzyma was actively involved in the conference and studied all latest technologies in the field of digital displays. For Anzyma, the foremost purpose of being part of this conference was to shortlist some highly innovative and cost-effective technologies and introduce them in Oman.
Many organizations are challenged to find innovative ways to deliver valuable content to target audiences in the short bursts of time available. SCALA software not only provides a strong and highly usable solution but an incredibly stable platform that meets the needs of most customers that want to think out of the box,” added Mr. Tom Nix, CEO at SCALA.
It was a record-breaking event with no doubt where SCALA partners have presented their success stories to their peers in the Digital Signage industry. Anzyma, a leading technology company headquartered in the emerging IT hub of the Sultanate of Oman and serving pleasingly different for all SCALA services in the country. Anzyma is one of premium partner in MENA region.
Anzyma is a leading IT company based in the Sultanate of Oman. With our cutting edge solutions and pioneering technologies, we are engineering a digital revolution in Oman. Our emergence as a major IT firm has helped us forge and foster with renowned global firms in the industry and redefine Oman as a major tech hub in the Middle East. We believe that the future will provide the company to harness its resources and create limitless opportunities for the people of Oman.