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Anzyma's Wayfinder at your fingertips and on demand at Muscat Grand Mall 10 March 2013

The Wayfinding system, implemented by Anzyma has added a new dimension to the shopping experience at Muscat Grand Mall (MGM). With more than 120 operational shops at Muscat Grand Mall, the Wayfinding system proves to be an efficient navigational tool to aid shoppers and also provides detailed information on each store as well as ongoing promotions

The Wayfinder has proved to be very functional and informative since its implementation last year. The interactive touch screen kiosks have received close to 32,000 clicks per month.

Muscat Grand Mall is set to revolutionise the way residents and visitors shop in Muscat. Part of the Tilal Complex, the mall is host to many popular international brands and has the largest choice of food & beverage outlets under one roof as well as a state-of-the-art entertainment area.

Hassan Jaboub, General Manager, Properties of Tilal Development Co SAOC, remarked, "Naturally with such a large shopping mall, navigation could be confusing and intimidating for shoppers where a wrong turn would lead to much longer journeys. Anzyma has developed an excellent Wayfinding solution, which will make it easier, convenient and memorable for the shopper to move in the mall."

Anzyma zoned the shopping mall into respective wings and developed an interactive mapping system operated by Friendlyway Impress 46" kiosk that ensures users to know their current location in the shopping mall. Friendlyway® is a leading name in digital displays and interactive kiosk technology.

"We've worked in close consultation with the team of architects and designers on this project. With an extremely tight timescale, we successfully delivered a very impressive and innovative Wayfinding system that has been implemented for the first time in the Sultanate. We are extremely happy that our digital wayfinder has become a very interactive and engaging device, facilitating shoppers to navigate their way through the mall," said Costy Berberi, General Manager at Anzyma.

Anzyma is a leading IT company based in the Sultanate of Oman. With cutting edge solutions and pioneering technologies, the company is engineering a digital revolution in Oman. Our emergence as a major IT firm has helped us forge and foster with renowned global firms in the industry and redefine Oman as a major tech hub in the Middle East.