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ONEIC implements innovative corporate communications channel through digital signage 16 July 2013

The digital signage is run by the ‘Friendly Composer 9 Digital Signage Software’ and is also used for third-party advertisements by leading corporate organisations in Oman. The project covers 10 locations including Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Sur, Nizwa and Ibri among others.

The project enables ONEIC to control their own independent signage network, through which they broadcast their corporate communications and end-user messages. Commenting on the installation of the digital signage solutions, Eng. Mohammed Amin Bin Mustafa Al Saleh, CEO, ONEIC said, “We receive nearly 1 million customers at our ONEIC outlets on a monthly basis. The high footfall of customers called for an innovative communication channel that conveyed service information to customers in an efficient manner. ONEIC hence engaged with Anzyma, a leader in digital signage and retail media communications, to put in place a system that enables us to feed and monitor messages through a high-end server located in our head office in Muscat. This new digital system will not only enhance the customer experience but also promote efficiency and growth.”

The digital signage will also aid ONEIC in generating more revenue with the help of their in-house media team, who have approached other corporate companies who wish to publish their content on the display screen at each of the outlets throughout Oman.

“The Friendly Composer 9 Digital Signage Software is without a doubt the most advanced implementation of its type and is a prime example of how intelligent media can contribute seamlessly to improve customer experience and accelerate revenue growth. It gives me immense pleasure to watch the outcome of the work that we, at Anzyma put into the ONEIC project. ONEIC can be rest assured that the newly implemented software will offer visible results and positively impact the running of their operations,” said Costy Berberi, GM, Anzyma.

Anzyma is a leading IT company based in the Sultanate of Oman and with cutting edge solutions and pioneering technologies the company is engineering a digital revolution in Oman. Anzyma’semergence as a major IT firm in Oman has helped them forge and foster with renowned global firms in the industry and redefine Oman as a major tech hub in the Middle East.