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Anzyma deploys Oman’s largest digital signage network for Omantel 23 September 2013

Anzyma, the leading digital solutions expert in the Sultanate, has deployed Oman’s largest digital signage network across all Omantel retail outlets. This nation-wide rollout across 80 screens, employs state of the art digital solutions and has provided a holistic digital experience to customers arriving at these stores.

Companies today are benefiting immensely from out of the box and digital technologies. With the new era demanding real-time updates and multimedia-rich marketing content, SCALA InfoChannel was chosen as the software platform for the Digital Signage solution. Now with this new “connected signage” concept in place, Omantel will be able to update all marketing and promotional content in just a couple of minutes. The flexibility of the solution also allows Omantel to centrally monitor the health status of the screens from a central IT datacenter. Anzyma has installed the digital signage network across all the Omantel outlets in all governorates across the Sultanate. In addition to this, Anzyma has also installed MTI, which is an interactive merchandising solution that helps in the retail of handheld electronic products.

“Our need for an intelligent and versatile signage solution was well understood by the Anzyma team. The SCALA solution they recommended is a powerful communication tool that our customers have already begun to notice and appreciate. The Digital Media Networking has completely transformed our marketing landscape. This new form of interactive advertising coupled with the seamless merchandising solutions provides our retail stores with a truly digital experience; not to mention the decrease in costs and better return on investments”, said Mohamed Al Salmi, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Omantel.

Anzyma has an impeccable track record of revamping the digital experience of their clients through the application of innovative marketing technologies. Commenting on the successful installation at Omantel, Costy Berberi, GM, Anzyma, stated, "We are delighted to showcase the potential of this new age communication tool called 'Digital Signage'. An emerging technology in this space, digital signage, has rewritten the rules of marketing, enabling enterprises to deliver information to their employees and customers more dynamically and effectively. We strongly believe that this technology has a huge growth potential and will add a lot of value within the Omantel marketing framework."

Organisations such as the retail outlets, malls and airports are all set to grow due to the rapid growth within the digital signage technology industry. Floor space is becoming expensive in today's retail marketplace and therefore the growth of digital signage will surely help marketers make wiser business decisions and get better returns on their investments. Anzyma is pioneering the digital signage sector in Oman and the deployment of the largest digital signage network for Omantel is testament to the same.