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Sohar Aluminium implements Digital Signage Solution powered by Navori 27 December 2015

Empowering yet another organization in Sohar. Anzyma has implemented the latest digital signage platform in Sohar Aluminium. 

Comprising of a total 9 LCD's and 2 LED screens. Anzyma has powered sohar aluminium to motivate employees by providing state-of-the art digital signage improving their existing internal communications. The on premise solution is being used at multiple sites within the Aluminium smelter to keep all employees from various departments updated about the latests news, trends, events, local market share plus a handful of other vital information. 

Productivity and efficieny are key drivers at industries and prior to using Navori, Sohar Aluminium was dependent on antiquated communication processes and variety of standalone systems to update staff on performance, targets and HR related Information. Previously communicated information was not consistent because of the time needed to manually feed information into indivual AV Screens and Indoor LED Displays. 

Anzyma has provided Sohar Aluminium with a centralised network based system to manage it's internal communication. Displayed content combines FULL HD videos, a auto updated list for prices in the current market, a news feed scrolling at the bottom of the template to display latest news in both Arabic and English. Additionally the template displays a graphical barometer to showcase the current status of the smelter.