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The Challenge

With footfall steadily increasing every day, management at MGM needed to investigate procuring a high tech digital solution to enable customers to navigate quickly and easily around the mall. MGM required a flexible solution which took human perception and psychology into account and which would be tailored to suit its needs, allowing its customers to access information on the go.


MGM had a need for an intuitive touch-screen interface in comparison to the traditional way finding software, more commonly available. Anzyma introduced the Friendlyway Digital Wayfinding solution which has a number of distinct advantages over static signs and maps. Friendlyway is a leading name in digital displays and interactive kiosk technology.

Anzyma spent time studying the landscape of MGM and devised a program which is consistent and easily maintainable. Anzyma zoned the shopping mall into respective wings and developed an interactive mapping system which is housed in an information presentation terminal, the Friendlyway impress 46" display kiosk. The bright 46-inch display presents the content in the best HD quality with high luminosity.

The MGM digital Wayfinding solution can be updated easily and regularly which in turn leads to a reduction in operating costs for the shopping mall.The touch screen functionality allows the user to select the destination from the list or immediately on the map. The solution is built on Microsoft Silverlight solution and allows for the inclusion of information about current promotions by adding interactive banners. In addition, Anzyma implemented the new state of the art iOS / Android style interface with gesture-heavy map motions (pinch-to-zoom, slide-to-pan, etc).

With six kiosks installed across MGM, the solution comprises the complete list of stores, services and emergency exits. It displays special offers and opening hours for the mall itself and for individual stores. The kiosks have been in operation for over 365 days with over 32,000 customers making use of them each month.


MGM was involved with every stage of the development of the Wayfinding solution and is delighted with the outcome. MGM holds the unique position of being the first shopping mall in Oman to house a Digital Wayfinding solution that has revolutionized the shopping experience for so many customers. Since its implementation, it has received positive feedback from shoppers and retailers alike. Not only does it make journeying through the mall easier, it also promotes sales in the stores which in turn increases profitability for the retailers. A few advantages include quick content updates without special skills; centralized data management for many terminals and a variety of statistics tools to calculate the number of clicks for theselected product groups, brands, and periods.

A key success factor is that the Digital Wayfinder has created a positive consumer experience leading to optimum sales and repeat visits.


Anzyma is a leading IT company based in the Sultanate of Oman. With cutting edge solutions and pioneering technologies, the company is engineering a digital revolution in Oman. Our emergence as a major IT firm has helped us forge close relationships with renowned global firms in the industry and redefine Oman as a major technological hub in the Middle East.

Muscat Grand Mall (MGM)

Muscat Grand Mall opened its doors to the public in March 2012 and has fast become a lifestyle symbol in Muscat. With the distinction of being the largest shopping mall in Oman, it boasts renowned anchor stores such as Carrefour and Happy Land as well as a variety of clothing, accessory and homeware brands. Currently with 120 outlets, MGM has introduced many new retailers and brands to Oman and has the largest food court in the country. It is also home to a three screen cinema as well as a unique sky level terrace garden.


Avik Kumar
Operations Manager
Muscat Grand Mall

"Anzyma supported us right from the initial stages - from the first step of identifying the solution that would best suit our purpose, to continuously providing excellent support to our business. The solution delivered is as efficient as promised – good job"

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