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“Boost sales with a stylish, secure product showcase”

Transform your retail space into an interactive, seamless experience for your customers.

Studies prove that removing products from their package and allowing customers to get a touch-and-feel can boost sales by up to 25%. This is especially true in the mobile phone market, where customers have a surfeit of choice and where being able to see and use the product can make the difference between an instant sale and a delayed purchase decision.

However, unpacking and displaying a mobile phone is not as simple as it sounds. A mobile retailer must ensure that phones are displayed in the best possible way, making way for maximum flexibility during demonstrations or trials. At the same time, the phone must get uninterrupted power supply and must remain safe and secure against misuse, damage or theft.

Your Benefits:

Mobile phone retailers can increase sales, by attractively positioning phones for the benefit of browsing customers, while combining robust mechanical security with electronic loss prevention and universal power.

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