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15th November 2019

Anzyma Recognized as One of the First Absen Value Added Partners in Oman








Anzyma became VAP with Absen china. Absen, a global manufacturer of LED displays, has awarded Anzyma with highly trusted status (VAP, or Value Added Partner), thus confirming our professional expertise in leveraging Absen technologies and the right to provide vendor-backed tailored service maintenance.

For over 10 years, Absen has been the top Chinese exporter of LED displays, supplying over 120 countries. Indeed, there were more than 2,000 Absen LED screen installations throughout Russia in 2018.


 Referred to the effort of our Head of Operation, Mr.Samson Anthony, Anzyma now is a VAP, or Value Added Partner, refers to highly trusted and experienced resellers, distributors or integrators that have officially agreed to promote Absen LED products and the Absen brand by building showrooms, exhibiting at relevant trade fairs, organizing roadshows etc.